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Eastern Dartmoor Pony Show Results 2022

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Eastern Dartmoor Pony Show Results 2022

SUPREME IN HAND CHAMPION – Newoak Bewitched, RESERVE Fields of Remembrance. Thank you to the judges for their time and expertise. They were Mr J Walters, Mrs J Green, Mr D Hodge and Mrs S Wooderson.

Byelaw c.3 Suspension with immediate effect

With DPS membership numbers low, fewer shows wishing to hold classes/affiliate and low class numbers, the Dartmoor Pony Society Council have agreed to suspend Byelaw C.3 until their next meeting in September.


After a break of two years due to Covid-19, the Dartmoor Pony Moorland Show is celebrating its 30th year with a combined Pony and Dog Show to be held on Sunday 4th September 2022, starting at 10am, at Old Playing Fields in Princetown.

Northern Dartmoor Pony Shows 2022

No results yet for this show but wanted to publish our thanks to the judges. They were Mrs B McGrath, Miss J Patterson, Miss MG Evans. Thank you for your time and expertise.

Great Yorkshire Show 2022 Results

A beautiful day at the Great Yorkshire saw the judge award Champion to Treworgan Shooting Star owned by Mr NJ Wright and Reserve to Rekcilf Miss Marguerite owned by Mrs W V Dunn. Thank you very much to our judge Mr P Bousted.