Dartmoor Pony Society

Dartmoor Pony Society Championship Show’s History

With grateful thanks to Tisha Roberts, the late Ann Jones and Caroline Belam for their hard work in collating this information..

Dartmoor Championship Breed Show Days, Dates & Venues

Summary statistics 1931 – 2010: 71 shows in total

42 on Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday, 10 on Saturday, 3 on Monday

29 held on the Moor, 10 on Moor’s borders, 32 off the Moor, 21 at Bicton, 15 at Prince Hall, 14 at Brimpts

70 in August, 1 in September

8 shows held on 13th [but never on a Friday], 6 on each of the 8th & 9th, 5 on the 10th, 4 on 11th, 14th & 22nd

No show has been held on the 2nd, 23rd or 31st nor on Thursday, Friday or Sunday. 27 shows held Aug 1st – 10th; 27 shows held 11th – 21st; 17 shows Aug 22nd – 1st Sep.

The Breed Show is by no means “fixed” in terms of date & venue & a number of questions are raised. Does anyone know why were the first nine shows on a Saturday? To avoid local market days? So those who worked during the week could attend? This seems an unlikely consideration then. I am proud to have known someone who showed in the first show in 1931. All memories of earlier shows gratefully received.

Dates and Locations

YearDayDateVenueLocation and notes
1931Saturday29 AugustBrimptsHexworthy, Dartmoor
1932Saturday6 AugustBrimpts
1933Saturday5 AugustBrimpts
1934Saturday4 AugustBrimpts
1935Saturday3 AugustBrimpts
1936Saturday1 AugustBrimpts
1937Saturday7 AugustBrimpts
1938Saturday6 AugustLydfordOn the edge of Dartmoor
1939Saturday5 AugustLydford StationOn the edge of Dartmoor
1940 - 1948Not held because of World War II
1949Wednesday17 AugustPrince HallPrincetown, Dartmoor
1950Wednesday16 AugustPrince Hall
1951Wednesday16 AugustPrince Hall
1952Wednesday20 AugustPrince Hall
1953Wednesday19 AugustPrince Hall
1954Wednesday18 AugustPrince Hall
1955Wednesday24 AugustPrince Hall
1956Wednesday22 AugustPrince Hall
1957Wednesday21 AugustPrince Hall
1958Wednesday13 AugustPrince Hall
1959Tuesday29 AugustPrince Hall
1960Saturday13 AugustPrince Hall
1961Tuesday22 AugustPrince Hall
1962Wednesday29 AugustPrince Hall
1963Wednesday28 AugustPrince Hall
1964Tuesday1 SeptemberBrimpts
1965Wednesday25 AugustBrimpts
1966Tuesday30 AugustBrimpts
1967Tuesday22 AugustBrimpts
1968Tuesday27 AugustBrimpts
1969Tuesday26 AugustBrimpts
1970Tuesday25 AugustBrimpts
1971Tuesday17 AugustNewton AbbotThe first Championship Show held off Dartmoor
1972Tuesday15 AugustNewton Abbot
1973Tuesday14 AugustNewton Abbot
1974Tuesday13 AugustNewton Abbot
1975Tuesday12 AugustNewton Abbot
1976Tuesday10 AugustNewton Abbot
1977Tuesday9 AugustOkehamptonBack to the edge of Dartmoor after 6 shows away
1978Tuesday8 AugustOkehampton
1979Tuesday14 AugustOkehampton
1980Wednesday13 AugustBictonLeaving the Moor - for 26 years
1981Tuesday18 AugustBicton
1982Tuesday10 AugustBicton
1983Tuesday9 AugustBicton
1984Tuesday14 AugustBicton
1985Tuesday13 AugustBicton
1986Tuesday12 AugustBicton
1987Tuesday11 AugustBicton
1988Tuesday9 AugustBicton
1989Tuesday8 AugustBicton
1990Tuesday14 AugustBicton
1991Tuesday13 AugustBicton
1992Tuesday11 AugustBicton
1993Tuesday10 AugustBicton
1994Tuesday9 AugustBicton
1995Tuesday8 AugustBicton
1996Tuesday13 AugustBicton
1997Tuesday12 AugustBicton
1998Tuesday11 AugustBicton
1999Tuesday24 AugustAlphingtonCourtesy of Newoak Stud
2000Tuesday8 AugustBicton
2001Wednesday8 AugustAlphington
2002Tuesday13 AugustAlphington
2003Wednesday27 AugustBicton
2004Tuesday10 AugustAlphington
2005Tuesday9 AugustAlphington
2006Tuesday8 AugustWhiddon DownBack to Dartmoor's edge to our own Show Field
2007Tuesday7 AugustWhiddon Down
2008Monday11 AugustWhiddon Down
2009Monday10 AugustWhiddon Down
2010Monday9 AugustWhiddon Down