Dartmoor Pony Society

The Dartmoor Pony Society is looking for a very rare and special person

The Dartmoor Pony Society is looking for a very rare and special person

By the end of 2023 the Dartmoor Pony Society need an Honorary Passport Officer to produce registered passports for the Society (and the maintenance of unregistered passports may also be included).

This is a demanding job with some time constraints that also requires the Passport Officer to be computer literate and have a natural flair for attention to detail.
The DPS are aware that DEFRA hopes to have just one Passport Issuing Organisation in the future and this will reduce the workload with respect to physical production of passports, however this could be 20 years away. If this happens, the DPS may still produce registration certificates, which involves approval of submitted details.

Additional aspects include the list below. Some of these could be done, at least partially, by another person or persons.
• Applications for Membership
• Information service for exporting
• Applications to change for Colt to Stallion
• Central Prefix Register applications
• Assistance with production of the Stud Book
• Applying to the HRBLB for and allocation of all Grant money through the DPS.
If there is someone out there, or a team, who are willing to take on some, all, or any of the tasks in an Honorary, self-employed capacity, please contact Chris Grant on dpssec@dartmoorponysociety.com in the first instance.
A description of the main role and supplementary tasks will be available by email. You can print these details out by clicking on pdf link below.

Passport Officer Job advert