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New Council Members wanted!

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New Council Members wanted!

Your Society needs some new Council Members for 2021. Anyone who has been a member for 5 years can apply.


Have you ever wondered why certain rare line fillies get their photos in the Diary? It's because their owners let me know they are born and send me a photo! There is a full list of rare bloodlines in the Diary.

COVID-19 information relating to Dartmoor Pony Society in 2020

Best wishes to all our Dartmoor Pony owners in these challenging times. Hope you stay safe and well.
Please find below all COVID-19 information relating to the DPS and Shows.

2020 Eastern & Northern Dartmoor Pony Shows cancelled

Both the Eastern and Northern Dartmoor Pony Shows have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Please pay by bank transfer any monies due to Dartmoor Pony Society


The Society would appreciate that all payments to the Dartmoor Pony Society be paid directly into the Society’s bank account if possible. Please see Notices section or click below for details.