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Dartmoor Pony Society

The Dartmoor Pony Society is the Mother society of the breed and represents the Pedigree Dartmoor Pony worldwide. We welcome all new members.


Byelaw Suspension with immediate effect

With DPS membership numbers low, fewer shows wishing to hold classes/affiliate and low class numbers, the Dartmoor Pony Society Council have agreed to suspend Byelaw C.3 until their next meeting in September, when the rule will be fully discussed and updated.

For reference, Byelaw C.3 currently reads ‘Where there are two or more classes restricted to Dartmoor ponies only at a show, no member may exhibit unless the judge is from the DPS panel of judges for the year in question, in line with the NPS. The only exception is that if an affiliated show includes additional unaffiliated classes e.g. breed star shows, and it has not been possible to appoint a DPS panel judge (ideally B panel) for the unaffiliated classes, members may show under a non-DPS panel judge.’


Our telephone number is now 0191 4290 400
For all queries regarding Passports, Registrations, Transfers and Stallion Licensing
please contact The Passport Administrator passports@dartmoorponysociety.com
Send passports to Dartmoor Pony Society, Swn Yr Afon, Thornhill Road, Cwmgwili SA14 6PT

Please contact the Secretary
Mr Chris Grant dpssec@dartmoorponysociety.com
If you are contemplating AI please consult the Society’s Bye-Laws, or contact the office for details, before proceeding so that you are complying to the Society’s rules.

The Society realises it is a difficult time for all our members. If you find yourselves in difficulties with your ponies please do not hesitate to let the Society know, and we will see if we can help in some way. The office remains open as usual. We hope you all remain safe and well.

COVID 19 precautions

The Society would appreciate that all payments to the Dartmoor Pony Society be paid directly into the Society’s bank account if possible. The details are as follows:

Lloyds Bank Account: Dartmoor Pony Society, Sort code 30-96-23, Account No. 00807482

Please ensure that you include a reference so we can allocate your payment correctly. It would also be helpful if you could e-mail the Office saying you have made a payment into the bank. This will prevent unnecessary visits to the bank and exposure to the virus.

Your co-operation in this matter would be most appreciated.

Please be aware that all equines NOT already microchipped should now be microchipped.
See Downloadable Forms page for the form to tell the Society about microchip in older pony. Please use separate form for each animal.

Transfers and Loans

If you are transferring ownership of a Dartmoor pony, exporting a Dartmoor pony or when wishing to lease or loan a Dartmoor pony click on Transfers and Loans for the necessary information about fees and procedure.

Online Stud Book

“Ped-e-Web” has been made available to members courtesy of Mrs E Newbolt-Young who sponsored the set up costs, and those members who have contributed to the running costs.
To access Ped-e-Web follow this link Online Stud Book
All fully paid up members can access the on line stud book “Ped-e-Web”. Please remember to return the Data Protection form sent to you so “Ped-e-Web” can be as comprehensive as possible. If you have mislaid this form or have forgotten your access details please contact the Office.



DPS Ridden Showing Series

Following the success of the competition in 2019, the Dartmoor Pony Society will hold this competition in 2022 open to all members.

For downloadable entry forms see Awards page

TopSpec Equine Performance Awards

Open to all Registered Dartmoor Ponies owned by Members.

Organized by the Society and kindly sponsored by Top-Spec Equine, this award is for ridden and driven ponies. It does not matter at what level you compete.

Performance cards are available at the cost of £6.00 per pony.

TopSpec sponsor prize money to the value of £250 which is split between the overall prize winners.

For more details go to Awards page

Part-bred Awards

For both in-hand and ridden ponies. For more details and an entry card please contact the office. Free to enter for members.

South West Awards

This in-hand showing competition is for members living in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset who do not show a Dartmoor pony outside these counties. Free to enter. Contact Tisha Roberts on 01647 277389 or Caroline Belam at carolinebelam@gmail.com or on 01364 643215 for more details

In-hand Showing Award 2022

The Dartmoor Pony Society continues this successful in hand championship, with fabulous rosettes to be awarded at the AGM.

They are for ANY open show, except Star show classes (who have their own separate award series). The three Breed shows will count in the unaffiliated classes with double points available at the Championship Breed show in Devon.

The championship will be split into adult and young stock groups with a few special prizes along the way! This is ONLY open to members of the society so why not join? There is Associate membership at a reduced rate for those owner’s who don’t want the benefits that full membership offers…….so NO excuses!! Remember-You must register before you can claim points.

It is FREE to enter!

For more details go to Awards page

Entry forms available as download on Awards page.

For Privacy statement regarding these competitions please see SHOWS page

The native pony breed of the county of Devon in the South West of England. The ponies have been recorded living on the wild and inhospitable moors of Dartmoor since the Middle Ages. The ponies have the metabolism to prosper in the tough and uncompromising conditions they have to contend with.

The ponies have an exceptional temperament and breeders have long realized their potential as children’s ponies with the ability to make wonderful companions, give endless fun, and if required compete and succeed in all spheres of competition.

Find out more about the breed
About the breed

The primary role of the Society is to maintain the Stud Book which holds records tracing back the pedigrees of the registered Dartmoor Pony for over 100 years. The original records were held in the Polo Pony Stud Book, and then in the stud books of the National Pony Society.

Finally thirty years ago the Dartmoor Pony Society took over maintaining the Stud Book and issues in hard copy form all the foal registrations, transfers and re-entries into the Stallion and gelding sections each year. A very interesting publication for all those interested in the Dartmoor Pony.

Find out more about the Society
About the breed

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The Dartmoor Pony Society is looking for a very rare and special person

By the end of 2023 the Dartmoor Pony Society need an Honorary Passport Officer to produce registered passports for the Society (and the maintenance of unregistered passports may also be included).

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DPS Council Meetings 2023

Below are the dates of the next Council meetings and last dates for correspondence, ideas, suggestions and complaints. Council really welcomes communications from members prior to the meetings.

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Mr. A. Brewington

The Dartmoor Pony Society Office was saddened to learn of the recent death of Tony Brewington, but have waited to post this information in accordance with his widow’s wishes. The funeral is private therefore no details will be released.

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