Breed Shows

78th Dartmoor Pony Society Championship Show

To be held at the Lady Willingdon Field
Whiddon Down

On Monday 7th August 2017

Schedules will be sent to all 2016 exhibitors

For a schedule please send a SAE to the Show Secretary:

Mrs. J.M.D. Southcombe
Willow Cottage
Newton Abbot
TQ13 7TQ

Tel: 01364 621520

Or download a copy using the link below:

Download the schedule

Download the entry form (part 1)

Download the entry form (part 2)

41st Northern Dartmoor Pony Show

To be held at
Osbaldeston Riding Centre

On Sunday 2nd July 2017

Or by sending an A5 SAE to the Show Secretary:

Mrs Sue Hide
Low Farm
Huttons Ambo
YO60 7JB

Tel: 01653 692132 or mobile 07852 628364 (Before 9pm please)

Or download a copy using the link below:

Download the schedule

Download the entry form

Download the timetable

Southern Dartmoor Pony Show

Show will not be held in 2017.

Eastern Dartmoor Show

To be held at
Moulton Cottage EC
Gate 4 Pitsford Road

On Sunday 16th July 2017

Schedules will be sent to all 2016 exhibitors

Please send SAE to
Miss Linda Calcutt
Laurel House,
Bentley Road,
Great Bentley,

Tel: 01255 830795

Or download a copy using the link below:

Download the schedule

Download the entry form

Stable booking form

Star Shows

The Dartmoor Pony Society awards Star Show Status to a maximum of 18 shows annually. The results of these shows are the basis for the Stallion of the Year, Mare of the Year, Youngster of the Year, and Sire of the Year.

In Star Show ridden classes the results count towards the Ridden Stallion, Mare and Gelding of the year awards.

The Star shows for 2014 are Devon County Show, Nottinghamshire County Show, Royal Bath & West, Royal Cornwall, Royal Three Counties, Northern Dartmoor Pony Show, Great Yorkshire, Eastern Dartmoor Show, Border Union, National Pony Society Championship Show, Dartmoor Pony Society Championship Show, NPS Area 4 and Chagford (Alternate years) with Okehampton (Alternate years).

Dartmoor Pony Society

Rules for Showing

Ponies should be shown in a clean but natural state with full mane and tail.

  1. Stallions or colts aged three years old or over may not be shown unless in possession of a Dartmoor Pony Society stallion licence.
    1. Handlers of Stallions and Colts in In-Hand Classes must have attained their 14th birthday before 1st January of the current year.
    2. There is no age limit for riders in Mountain & Moorland Ridden and Working Hunter Pony Classes with the exception of Stallions and Colts in that riders must have attained their 11th birthday before 1st January of the current year.
  2. No mare with foal at foot or due to foal in the current year may be shown in Ridden classes. No mare may be shown with a foal under the age of three weeks. Mares must be accompanied by their foals in the ring.
  3. Where there are two or more classes at a show restricted to Dartmoor ponies only, no member may exhibit unless the judge is from the Dartmoor Pony Society Panel of Judges for the year in question.
  4. Judges on the Society's A Panel may only judge the in-hand classes at one Star Show, and may only judge ridden classes at two Star Shows in any one season, with the exception of Working Hunter Pony Classes, on which there is no limit. Star Shows are designated by the Council. B Panel judges can judge any Working Hunter Pony classes and Mini Ridden Classes at Star Shows.
  5. Judges may only judge in-hand classes at two shows and ridden classes at two shows within the counties of Devon and Cornwall in any one season.
  6. Judges are appointed to the Dartmoor Pony Society panels at the discretion of Council.
  7. New A Panel Judges must have judged Dartmoors at three Star Shows before assessing probationers.
  8. Those judges who have reached the age of 80 years are required to retire, except for Championships.
  9. If the owner of the Champion at a Star Show is not a member the rosette should be returned to the Society and not presented to the Reserve, or further down the line. Points do not count towards the Society's Competitions.
  10. The Dartmoor Pony Society Rosettes may only be awarded to fully and supplementary registered ponies owned by members producing their current membership card at the time of the award.
  11. Ponies in Mixed Mountain and Moorland or Dartmoor classes must be shown unplaited.
  12. No member may knowingly show a pony in a class where the Judge has owned, bred, sold, leased, broken, trained or produced that pony or where the pony has been owned, bred, sold, leased, broken, trained or produced by the Judges' immediate* family, partner, employer or employee. An exhibitor may not show under a judge for whom he/she has produced, broken or trained an equine since 1st October in the previous year.
  13. A Judge may not knowingly judge a pony in a class which, to his/her knowledge has been owned, bred, sold, leased or produced, broken or trained by him/her or his/her immediate* family, partner, employer or employee.
  14. Handlers of ponies in In-hand Classes aged 14 years and under must wear correctly secured current British Standard skull caps/riding hats.

Rules for Trimming

  1. Long hairs under the jaw and those protruding from the ears may be trimmed.
  2. Whiskers must not be trimmed.
  3. The tail may be trimmed at the bottom if excessively long.
  4. No dye or make-up may be used and no false tails or forelocks. Hooves may be oiled.
  5. Ridden/Driven ponies may be clipped in the interest of welfare, but not their legs.
  6. False quarter marks are not allowed.

Dartmoor Pony Society TopSpec Equine Performance Awards
Open to all Registered Dartmoor Ponies owned by Members

The TopSpec Equine Performance Awards, organized by the Society and kindly sponsored by Top-Spec Equine, are for ridden and driven ponies. It runs annually and is based on the number of performance points won each year. It does not matter at what level you compete, be it local shows, Pony Club events etc. or at qualifiers or competing at the finals at HOYS or Olympia. Rosettes are presented to all entrants who return their cards. Rosettes and Prizes are presented at the A.G.M. in November each year.

Performance cards are available at the cost of £6.00 per pony from
Mrs Viv Brown,
Hon. Secretary,
Swn Yr Afon,
Thornhill Road,
SA14 6PT

A5 - SAE appreciated

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