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Moorland Show - In-hand classes

Results supplied by Mr. A. Belcher

Geldings any age
1st Okeleat Oberon - Mr. & Mrs. K. Locke
2nd Cawsand Whirligig - Ms. D. Alford
3rd Merribridge Just a Prince - Mrs. W. Watson

Barren Mare
1st Okeleat Quintette - Mr. & Mrs. K. Locke
2nd Langworthy Swift Ghost - Mrs. E. Houghton
3rd Vean Albertine - Mr. & Mrs. A. Brewington

1st Blackertor Moorcroft - Mr. D. Hodge & Mr. J. Walters
2nd Moortown Wild Rose - Ms. E. Coates
3rd Blackertor Mythical - Mr. D. Hodge & Mr. J. Walters

Two and Three Year Old
1st Shilstone Rocks Daydream - Mrs. E. Newbolt-Young & Mrs. A. Stratton
2nd Moortown Butterfly - Ms. E. Coates
3rd Langworthy Teal - Mr. & Mrs. K. Edwards

Novice Youngstock
1st Shilstone Rocks Daydream - Mrs. E. Newbolt-Young & Mrs. A. Stratton
2nd Moortown Wild Rose - Ms. E. Coates
3rd Northhallmanor Wild Wind - Mrs. M. Rogers & Mr. M. Lamb

1st Dural Titus Andronicus - Mr. & Mrs. A. Brewington
2nd Wistmans Fleeting Glimpse - Mrs. S. Aylesbury-Rodgers

Brood Mare
1st Hisley Perfume - Mr. & Mrs. A. Belcher
2nd Newoak Myth - Mr. D. Hodge & Mr. J. Walters
3rd Austell Elegance - Miss C. Belam

1st Blackertor Mystery - Mr. D. Hodge & Mr. J. Walters
2nd Trewassick Demelza - Mr. & Mrs. A. Belcher
3rd Haida Endeavour - Miss C. Belam

Pony from Newtake Scheme
1st Langworthy Swift Ghost - Mrs. E. Houghton
2nd Langworthy Linnett - Mr. & Mrs. K. Edwards
3rd Northhallmanor Sweet Lord - Mrs. M. Rogers & Mr. M. Lamb

Champion Okeleat Quintette - Mr. & Mrs. K. Locke
Reserve Hisley Perfume - Mr. & Mrs.A. Belcher

Supreme Champion Okeleat Quinette - Mr. & Mrs. Locke
Reserve Supreme Blackertor Moorcroft - Mr. D. Hodge and Mr. J. Walters

Moorland Show - Ridden ponies

Results supplied by Mr. A. Belcher

Ridden Ponies
1st Langworthy Swift Ghost - William Houghton
2nd Lydmoors Tormaline - Imogen Gingell

Lead Rein
1st Lydmoors Tormaline - Gracie Wells
2nd Okeleat Oberon - Amber Wells
3rd Shilstone Rocks Sweet Pea - Jack Stratton

Young Handlers
1st Imogen Gingell
2nd Alfe Bifani
3rd Saoirse McCready

Champion Ridden Champion - Langworthy Swift Ghost - William Houghton
Reserve Reserve Ridden - Lydmoors Tormaline - Imogen Gingell


Results supplied by by Malcolm Bewsher

Cuddy Supreme in Hand Pony
3rd Shilstone Rocks North Westerley - Miss L. Calcutt

Brineton/Kare Plus First Ridden
3rd Brandsby Witchcraft - Mrs. J.Chadwick rider: Lillee Whitaker

Colne Lead Rein
3rd Springwater Nijinsky - Mrs. T. Heathcote rider: Chloe Heathcote
5th Newoak Balladier - Mrs. J. Davies rider: Sophie Mustoe
7th Treworgan Sea Eagle - Mrs. M. Brown rider: Ruby Brown

NPS Open Ridden
1st Okeleat Navigator Also Reserve Champion - Mrs. D. Barr & Mr. D. Hodge, Rider: Alice Barr
3rd Pumphill Bennett - Mr. P. Starkie, Rider: Morgan Starkie
4th Pumphill Pincup - Miss V. Wharton, Rider: Sarah Parker

Shilstone Rocks Rainman owned by David Hodge and Julian Walters, Supreme Champion at the DPS Breed Show 2015

Photo taken by Mr J. Walters

Moortown Countryman was retired from in-hand classes at Okehampton Show after winning the Dartmoor Championship and then going Supreme of the Show, having broken a long time record, previously held by Allendale Vampire of Dartmoor show championships.

Photo taken by Allan Brown

Keith Locke and Okeleat Quintette being awarded the Championship at the recent Moorland Show, picture with him are the Judge Gaynor Rossall and Colin Sturmer, President of the Show.

Photo taken by Virginia Pope


Countryfile has made a visit to Haida Stud to see some pedigree Dartmoor ponies on Dartmoor and the programme is due to be televised this coming Sunday evening October 11th.

Rare Breeds Show 2015

Schedule and entry forms now available for download on the following links:

Rare Breeds Show 2015 Schedule
Rare Breed 2015 Entry Form

Dartmoor Ponies Bound for Cuddy Finals at Birmingham

By Malcolm Bewsher

Dartmoor ponies are certainly going places this year with qualification for the Cuddy in Hand Finals at the Horse of The Year Show for Gaynor Rossall and Neil Wright from Boston taking their ticket having taken the overall Mountain & Moorland championship at the Royal Norfolk Show with the stallion Vean Set Sail bred by Mrs. Pat Robinson. Set Sail and was also champion at Nottinghamshire. Gaynor and Neil's other homebred Treworgan Tawny Owl ridden by Katy Marriott -Payne took the open HOYS ticket at the NPS Spring Festival while their other homebred Treworgan Sea Eagle ridden by Ruby Brown took the lead rein at Lincolnshire County.

Chloe Chubb from Kent took the overall supreme in hand championship and Cuddy ticket at the South of England showing Shilstone Rocks North Westerly owned by Lynda Calcutt from Colchester and bred by Elizabeth Newbolt-Young. Mrs. Newbolt-Young qualified in 1988 when it was the Lloyds Bank in Hand, showing Shilstone Rocks Another Bunch. Chloe also took the open ridden ticket with North Westerly at Staffordshire Country Festival and was runner up at Lincolnshire.

Joyce and Jacky Newberry qualified at Lincolnshire County with the five year old Shilstone Rocks Navara ridden by Sam Roberts on their first season under saddle and also won the ridden at Devon County. Kirsty Lockhart led Newoak Designer Edition ridden by sister Millie clinching their ticket at Derbyshire Festival taking mini champion and reserve mini supreme. Julie Templeton led Newoak Balladier ridden by new jockey Sophie Mustoe who took their ticket at the Royal Highland and also clinched the reserve mini champion spot.

Julie Chadwick from Burnley with Brandsby Witchcraft, bred by June Little, has been delighted to clinch two tickets, with the first ridden at Lincolnshire County and the championship, and the open at Derbyshire Festival where he was ridden by Gabby Davies.

Tammy Heathcote's Springwater Njinsky, produced by John Harvey and ridden by Poppy Steadman, took the lead rein ticket at Hickstead Derby Meeting. Morgan Starkie has two tickets with farther and son Pumphill Bennett and Rasputin, the former taking his ticket at Midland Counties and the latter at Cheshire besides winning again at Great Yorkshire. The ticket at the latter went to Jessica Carney riding Langfield Kaisa which also took the stallion and reserve champion at Great Yorkshire. Kirsty Errington riding Christine and Charlie Anderson's stallion Rushfield Bailey qualified at the Royal Highland Show.

Championship Breed Show Raffle

Please could you bring something to the Secretary's Tent on Show Day as a prize for the RAFFLE?

IDEAS: Chocolate? China? Something horsey? Potted plant? Biscuits? Bottles - either alcoholic or non-alcoholic or perhaps for a bath? Stationery? Something little to fit in a packed suitcase? Why not surprise us with something completely different? No - not the dreaded Aunt Murgatroyd but perhaps that lamp she gave you? You may not like it but someone else could be thrilled with it.

Or maybe just more chocolate in case the strain gets to me & I need an incentive to keep going?!

Caroline Belam, Breed Show Secretary.

Championship Breed Show Entries Close 10th July

Miss C. Belam, Secretary of the Championship Breed Show, would like to remind all competitors that entries for the Breed Show close this coming Friday 10th July, and that late entries are not accepted.

Devon County 2015 - Mrs. A. Nicholls

Results supplied by Miss P. Roberts

Mare or Gelding
1st Pantmanr Mayfly - Mr. D.A.J. Hodge and Mr. J.M. Walters
2nd Shilstone Rocks Cottage Craft - Mrs. E. Newbolt-Young and daughters
3rd Huckworthy Jenny Wren - Mr. D. Howarth-Podesta

Stallion or Colt Two years old or over
1st Moortown Countryman - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan
2nd Shilstone Rocks Navara - Ms. J. Newbery

Colt or Gelding Yearling
1st Dunmere Bowmore - Mrs. J. Green
2nd Blackertor Moorcroft - Mr. D.A.J. Hodge and Mr. J.M. Walters
3rd Langworthy Bullfinch - Mr. K. Edwards

Filly Yearling
1st Shilstone Rocks Moon River - Mrs. E. Newbolt-Young and Mrs. A. Stratton
2nd Moortown Touch of Magic - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan
3rd Hisley Pipedream - Miss P. Roberts

Filly or Gelding Two years old
1st Moortown Honeymoon II - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan
2nd Shilstone Rocks Day Dream - Mrs. E. Newbolt-Young and Mrs. A. Stratton
3rd Wistmans Gloriana - Mrs. S.E. Aylesbury-Rodgers

Filly or Gelding Three years old
1st Merribridge Jubilee Diamond - Miss G. Trevenna
2nd Moortown Hot Totty - Miss E.M. Coates
3rd Hisley Parasol - Miss P. Roberts

Dartmoor Ridden
1st Shilstone Rocks Navara - Ms. J. Newbery
2nd Moortown Scorpion - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan
3rd Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry - Mrs. A. Rowland

Champion Moortown Countryman - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan
Reserve Pantmanr Mayfly - Mr. D.A.J. Hodge and Mr. J. Walters

Moortown Countryman was Reserve in the Cuddy Championship

Native Pony Magazine

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Mr. David Hinde - Pumphill

Following the court's decision on 18/03/2015 to ban Mr David Hinde from keeping animals he has 21 days in which to find homes for these Pumphill ponies after which the RSPCA will take responsibility for them. As the whereabouts of many of the ponies is unknown to the Society it is important that they are traced and identified in order to enable them to be rehomed and transferred into new ownership correctly and legally. The DPS is working with the RSPCA in this matter and anyone knowing the location of the ponies is asked to contact the society immediately. Without this knowledge the Society is unable to ensure the wellbeing of the ponies which is their top priority. Please remember that by law all ponies must have a passport in the name of the current owner.

NPS Scotland Spring Show

For more information and to enter online please click here to visit the NPS Scotland wesbite

Winter Dressage Series Championships

Alice Wiseman competing at Bicton Arena Winter Dressage Series Championships on Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry in the open novice section, becoming overall Open Novice Champion, on the smallest pony there, beating all the big horses again!

Having joined British Dressage in October we competed at The British Dressage South West Winter Regional Championships at Kingston Maurwood College in February, to come 9th overall in a very strong Prelim class.

Photo taken by Alisa Rowland

Photo taken by Alisa Rowland.

Are you Ready to Show?

A one day event at Bicton College "Are you Ready to Show?" for further details please download the filer

International Convention

Please note that Mrs. Judy Southcombe's telephone number was incorrectly published on recent International Convention documents it should be 01364 621520.

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