Mrs. Jo Green
Telephone: 01884 860591
Hon Secretary
Mrs V. Brown
Telephone: 01269 844303
Mrs. Julie Jocelyn
Telephone: 01223 232241

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Mrs V. Brown (Hon Secretary)
Dartmoor Pony Society
Thornhill Road
SA14 6PT

Telephone: 01269 844303

All enquiries, in the first instance please contact the Hon. Secretary Mrs V.Brown.

Dartmoor Pony Society Championship Breed Show
Mrs. J.M.D. Southcombe
Telephone: 01364 621520
Northern Dartmoor Pony Show
Mrs Sue Hide
Telephone: 01653 692139 Mob 07852 628364
Southern Dartmoor Pony Show
Show not being held in 2017
Eastern Dartmoor Show
Miss Lynda Calcutt
Telephone: 01255 830795

Show Affiliations
Miss Ann Rigby
Telephone: 01524 720805

Dartmoor Pony Society Supporters Group
Mrs Sue Martin
Telephone: 01822 880223

Dartmoor Pony Society Archivist
Miss C. Belam

Dartmoor Pony Society Breed Show and AGM Trophy Secretary
Mrs. E. Brewington
Telephone: 01409 241666

Members of the Dartmoor Pony Society who wish to contact members of Council please refer to your Dartmoor Diary for contact details.

If you have any complaint regarding our service to you, please refer to our Complaints Policy below:

Dartmoor Pony Society Complaints Policy

Registrations and Passports

We aim to provide both members and non-members with the best possible service

We take complaints very seriously, so if you are not satisfied with our service and we have not provided a satisfactory explanation why we processed or did not process your registration or passport in the manner you expected we will handle your written or e-mailed complaint as follows:

Our Policy

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint or appeal in writing or e-mail by return

  2. Written confirmation will be provided within 15 working days of how the complaint will be dealt with

  3. Written confirmation of the outcome, including any procedures to appeal the outcome will be provided

The Dartmoor Pony Society accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information and data submitted by third parties.

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